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A few years ago, my wife started taping my kids' mouths shut. This was not some kind of punishment. Rather, she did it before they went to sleep because, she said, it would help them breathe and sleep better. I thought it was ridiculous, but not nearly worth the argument so I didn’t really say anything about it.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I taped my mouth shut. This was not some kind of punishment from my wife. Rather, I did it willingly and of my own accord because now I understand the benefits of mouth taping.

It Just Doesn’t Seem Normal


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It’s the hardest thing for a teacher to do. Stop talking. Unless we have assigned in-class writing or we are giving a test, we don’t like silence in the room. We are always trying to fill it with something.

But as someone who has been teaching for a while, I can tell you that silence is a good thing. You, as a teacher, should not fear it. You don’t have to fill every moment of class time with your words. Just let go and embrace the silence. I’ll tell you why.

A Typical Day in Class

The silence I’m referring to is when we ask…

My very imperfect compost (Screenshot by author)

I had always wanted to try composting since I fancied myself something of an amateur gardener. I had read all the stories and guides about how easy it was and how wonderful it is for the environment. Honestly, I wasn’t concerned so much about the environment as I was about getting a good crop of tomatoes.

Whenever I read about it, every article said it was about the carbon to nitrogen ratio and how it had to be just so. This had always put me off from composting as if it were some mathematical formula that only a select few…

Richard Petrone

Freelance writer, husband, father, decent cook, average gardener.

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